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History of Ganz Bridge, Crane and Steel Structure Manufacturing Private Ltd. 

The Ganz Bridge, Crane and Steel Structure Manufacturing pLtd. (Ganz Steel) begun in 1870, as department within the Hungarian Royal State Railroads' Machine Factory (MÁVAG).  The department showed a great progression, between 1874-1884, as they produced 979 bridgebay, with a total length of 8.981.m, and a gross weight of 9.943 tons. Durint this period the department created 8 different building structure, with a total mass of 2.630 tons. In the 1900’s the finished memorable bridges reached 33 pcs., and the memorable building strctures reached 4, within the 10.000 tons of yearly steel structure production and assembly. The department was transformed to a legal entity in November  of 1993.

The ability of high volume production capacity made the Ganz Steel to participate in high value bridge construction and reconstruction jobs, like the famous Lánchíd in Budapest, where the Firm produced the whole steel structure for the refurbishment. Due to the production capacity the Ganz Steel was able to produce bridge structure for foreign customers, in India, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Egypt.


The Ganz Steel’s other main profile is manufacturing a wide range of cranes and material handling machinery. The products can be found in 17 countries in 4 continens, in different sizes.

The portfolio includes the following product types:  

  • Overhead Cranes and runway systems

  • Ganty cranes, Stockyard cranes

  • Container Handling cranes

  • Special metallurgical cranes

  • Jib cranes

  • Cantilevel cranes

  • Masting cranes

  • Derrick cranes

  • Wagon lifter

  • Loading machinery

  • Harbour ore, coal, bauxite loading equipment

  • Conveyor and cableways


Wagon lifters, railway turntables, and other material handling equipments were also under production.


The production portfolio also had building structure manufacturing, mostly for export purposes. The foreign customes had a high variety scope  of activity, wood machining, lime processing plants, soda factory, and powerplants. The Ganz Steel produced the Budapest Eastern Railstation’s steel structures.


As the steel is used in wide range of machinery and buildings, the Ganz Steel was able to produce steel products, for dam, waterladder, and poweplant parts. The most famous are the dam and waterladder of Tiszalök, Kisköre, and Dunakiliti.

The Ganz Steel produced high quantity of fuel-, gastanks, and pressure vessels between the 100 m3 and 2000 m3 size range. The Firm also had several orders for water tower.


The wide range of steel manufacturing portfolio was extended, with (radio and relay) tower structures. The Firm’s most famous is the Lakihegy Radio Tower (1933,230 tons), which was declared as an industrial monument.


The Firm production of the standard Ganz type, or other modern type railway bogies are outstanding, which generated a high volume export performance mainly to Egypt and Tunis destinations.


 The GÉMTECH LTD specialized scope is a high value added, qualitative structure production. The activity is divided into three maint groups: dynamically used/loaded structures (bridges, cranes, lifting equipment), specially and custom machined units (compressors, generator cases), and custom designed machinery for the energy sector, including powerplant main parts, turbine parts, and metallurgical machinery.

The Firm has wide range product portfolio, but all steel product has the high added value and the high complexity in common. The customer needs are far beyond the industry standard requirements for traditional structures.


The customer requests, the complexity of the structures requires different types of special methodolody, technology, with the GÉMTECH LTD production and company culture, grants a world class position, and allows to accept all challenges on the market.


The GÉMTECH LTD has the HQ in Napkor, where the production facility has an impressive size of 130.000 m2, with productionhall of 15.000 m2, with built in cranes, also has finished goods, and material storage with cranes in the size of 2.000 m2.

The Firm’s peak capacity is 150 tons. The number of employees including the  labour and contractor positions is 250 FTE. The production is organized and monitored by skilled, and well trained engineers, to always have an eye on the product quality. The high-end production line operated by qualified and experienced colleagues. The Firm always looking for innovation, and new methodology, due to this way of thinking the products, structures always have a high quality. The GÉMTECH LTD acquired a lot of experience in the field of bridge and crane production. The yearly production volume can be over 10.000 tons, depending on the structure complexity. The newest technologies are also applied in the surface treatment processes.

The Firm acquired all the qualification, and certification, which are necessary for the production, this includes the TÜV and GL too.


The GÉMTECH LTD is able to produce large-scale, heavy  welded and machined steel structures effectively. The plant is organized to be able to handle, and move 120 tons and/or 40 m of semi-finished goods. The Firm has valuable and huge amount of experience in the field of bridge structures, port cranes, and machinery in energy sector.

The GÉMTECH LTD is determined, to make the once glorious and market-leading, but nowadays seems to disappearing HUNGARIAN crane production, great again, and represent a worthy place on the world market.

Since the foundation of the Firm continuously produce different type of crane elements, crane structures, gaining the experience for the own branded crane family. These customer specification are helps to learn the best practices and to prevent procedure mistakes. Operating cranes produced by the GÉMTECH LTD, can be found in many countries around the world, like Egypt, South Africa, or Siberia. All the know-how, technology, infrastructure are available during the production line either at the HQ, or at the subcontractors, with this there is no need of expensive investment for only one product. Our experts experience is covers both the field of production, assembly, and maintenance. Currently the Firm spends large amount of time, and funds to improve its own branded lifters, and  running blocks, to have the highest quality and life time, on a competitive price.


The GÉMTECH LTD has a wide range product portfolio, at the same time the continuous improvement is supported by the experience gained in high variety of product types.

  • Overhead Cranes and runway systems

  • Gantry cranes, Stockyard Cranes

  • Portal Cranes, Double Jib Slewing Cranes

  • Container Handling Cranes

  • Floating dock cranes

  • Shipyard erection cranes


The cranes produced by the GÉMTECH LTD, are designed, produced, assembled, and maintained based on the customer instructions.


The basic warrantee is 2 years, but it can be extended to 10 year.

ganz-logo_gémtech_final copy (002).jpg

The products developed in collaboration with GANZ STEEL and GÉMTECH, combines tradition and expertise, new developments and production introduces the GANZ-GÉMTECH CRANES brand. We have all the modern technology and infrastructure which are necessary for production, and allows us to build complete cranes without external partners. The expertise, and knowledge of our experts covers all areas of production, assembly and maintenance, including the production of railway vehicles and their individual components, especially the production of railway bogies and railway vehicle chassis. Our goal is the dynamic development of our steel and aluminium production in the field of building structures and vehicle manufacturing, and implementing export activities and technological development on a world-class level.

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